Eco Tourism in India

Published: 13th January 2009
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Global warming is the major issue that has risen higher in the recent few years. What does global warming mean? Global warming refers to a usual increase in the Earth's temperature, which sequentially causes change in temperature.

With the increase in Global warming, diversion has taken place towards Eco-tourism. It has gain popularity among the tourism sector.

Eco Tourism is derived from two words- Ecosystem and Tourism. Eco Tourism is the best option for the people who love nature and its beauty. India is very well known among nature lovers and tourists from all over the world. Being famous for its enriched culture, beauty and heritage, it is getting well equipped with a number of Botanical and Zoological Gardens that are meant to preserve the nature and environment.

Eco tourism is a concept that has been promoted for preventing the environment around us and preserving its resources. Apart from providing a pleasant visit to tourists who wish to take a breath from the hasty city life and enjoy in midst of greenery, it also safeguard the environment from getting ruined.

It is a novel section adjunct to the Indian Tourism plan. This is an ideal form of tourism that encourage going back to natural wealth in every aspects of life. The year 2002 was celebrated as the 'International Year of Eco Tourism'

Eco-tourism destinations in India

Rishikesh- In Sanskrit, Rishikesh means -he who has conquered his senses. Rishikesh is centered by the Holy River Ganga. This is among the best place for river rafting as here the Ganga is bounded by the green Himalayas from both the sides. Rishikesh is popular center of learning yoga and here we have many of the ayurvedic pharmacies.

Kerala- Kerala is the First planned ecotourism destination in India created to cater to the Eco-tourist and nature lovers. Here Ayurveda found a revolution from an ethnic cure to a luxurious indulgence. Kerala is one of the greenest destinations in India.

Pondicherry - The Botanical Garden of Pondicherry is enormously famous for lot of unusual species of plants. Every year the department of Tourism of Pondicherry organize the annual French Food Festival called Gourmet. Gourmet is another attraction of Tourist in Pondicherry.

Environment has served us the pleasure of relaxing and enjoying the natural wealth. Eco tourism is one of the major steps in saving the nature from global warming. Every tourism sector and tourists should encourage eco tourism for the well being of our surroundings.

India is basically known for the suited destinations for adventure lovers, heritage travel and pilgrimage travel. Peak Adventure Tour offers all types of eco adventure tour activities in india like mountain biking, river rafting,climbing,Ayurveda tour, camping,wildlife travel,trekking,safari and more other ecotourism activities.

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